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The brief

Just Reinvest NSW (JRNSW) is an organisation that supports Aboriginal communities to explore and establish justice reinvestment initiatives. Justice reinvestment is a way of working that is led by the community, informed by data, and builds strategies to address issues at a local level. The aim is to redirect funding away from prisons and into communities that have high rates of contact with the criminal justice system.

33 Creative was engaged by JRNSW to produce two videos that would inform community members as well as Government and other potential supporters about the justice reinvestment process and the work JRNSW is currently doing in partnership with several Aboriginal communities across New South Wales.

The approach

Our video production team worked closely with JRNSW to develop the creative approach for the videos, helping to coordinate talent, locations, interview questions and all logistical aspects of the production.

The videos were filmed across multiple locations in the New South Wales communities of Moree and Mt Druitt, involving several speakers from each community.

“This was a wonderful project to be a part of. From a production point of view, the Moree youth event and river gathering provided great opportunities to acquire interesting b-roll. We wanted powerful portrait shots of local community members to be a feature of the videos. Our team consisted of a single videographer supported by two production assistants. By opting for a lightweight camera and lighting setup, we were able to adapt, on the run, to various interview locations where prior location scouting wasn’t always possible. The closer proximity of the Mt Druitt shoot allowed us to bring some additional lighting equipment that made it possible to transform the look of a small and challenging room within a local community centre for several key interviews.”

33 Creative Video Production Director, Jake Keane

Isaiah Just Reinvest

Client Testimonial

“The team at 33 Creative brought their expert guidance and enthusiastic engagement right from the initial planning stages of our filming project. Their creative expertise made the filming process seamless and ensured the final products were of the highest quality. The team at 33 Creative were incredibly responsive and flexible in meeting our needs, especially given the uncertainty of a changing COVID landscape. From the outset of strategic planning through to the delivery of the final videos, everyone was impressed by the team’s enthusiasm and hands-on approach. The final products exceeded our expectations, and we are incredibly grateful to them for turning our ideas into compelling communication pieces.”

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the team at Just Reinvest NSW.

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