Opening hearts and minds through storytelling

Founded by Wiradjuri woman Mayrah Sonter and Georgia Cordukes, 33 Creative was built from passion, drive and commitment. We draw together a network of experienced, talented and creative professionals to deliver strong and effective communications projects and campaigns.

How do we work?

It starts with you, the client. We work with you in a structured yet flexible way.

We begin by bringing together the team to listen, interpret, ideate, build, reflect and, most importantly, act.

What do we deliver? Exactly what you need. But it always includes quality communication, the most efficient and effective course of action, and a highly engaged target audience or set of stakeholders.

Looking for a plan that fits your objectives and budget? Let’s talk.

Our Approach

Meeting and Scoping: We listen to your needs and ask the right questions to articulate exactly what success means for you.

Creative Development: We brainstorm and come up with a fully costed proposal. Your objectives are front of mind from conception to execution and evaluation.

Planning: We develop a detailed project plan. This becomes our most important tool — our bible — to track the project and all its moving parts.

Delivery: We put the plan into action, but remain ready to react and change if necessary. Shifting timelines and unforeseen events are sometimes inevitable. The key is never losing sight of the client’s needs and objectives.

Evaluation: We pride ourselves on being accountable. A detailed final project report will transparently analyse what worked and what could have been improved, setting us up for future success.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in the power of positive messages, constructive communication and ethical intentions. Communication is not neutral. Nor is the medium, platform or forum where it happens. When the message is hard to hear, we don’t shy away from the truth. We focus. And we work to open eyes, minds and hearts.

We believe in our ethos: engage, inspire, empower. This is what 33 Creative was built on. It guides us every day. We do this by creating media, communications and events for all.

We believe it is our responsibility to work to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. By bringing people together, whether in person or through ideas, we create opportunities for real connection and meaningful conversations. This splinters stereotypes, ruptures prejudice, disentangles misunderstandings and forges positive change.

We believe the journey is as important as the destination. That means working with our clients to create something great. The best things happen in the spaces between us.

People enjoying the Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green and White confetti released to mark the closing of the live NITV/SBS broadcast.

Our Values

We believe in meaningful values and letting them guide us on our journey.


Empathy We are driven by an outlook on life and business based on compassion and understanding.

Integrity We value honesty and openness. We do what we say we will do. We only ever make agreements we are willing and intend to keep. We communicate any potential issues at the first opportunity and take responsibility for our actions.

Collaboration We work together in a trusting and respectful environment to achieve our common goals. We create and hold space for each other and value everyone’s point of view. We always offer to help and come with solutions, striving for constant improvement, ‘learnin’ and growin’. We pride ourselves on the creation of a unique working philosophy that values synergy and respect. There is magic in the power of the group. Together we are better.

Balance We have a balanced approach to life, remembering that our spiritual, social, physical, cultural and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual aspects. We take care of each other and check in when we feel balance is being challenged.

Positivity and fun We believe in a can-do attitude, never giving up and that anything is possible. We love what we do and have fun together doing it.


We are a national, full service digital creative agency. We can deliver the following services to meet your needs.


  • Content for television
 and radio
  • Websites and digital assets
  • Social media assets and strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Graphic design, animation and illustration
  • Photography and videography
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Advertising and public relations campaigns
  • Health promotion
  • Stakeholder and media engagement
  • Event scoping, planning and production

Our Valued Clients

“33 Creative’s enthusiasm, energy and passion shone in seamless product delivery, meeting tight turnaround times. No problem was too big or too small for 33 Creative and their team.”

Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives

“Right from the beginning of our engagement with 33 Creative, we knew we had made the right choice.”

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA)

“33 Creative provides an amazing combination of talent, energy, intellect, hard work and passion. They have an eye for detail and execute each project with a positive attitude and a can-do philosophy.”

Kerrie Hayes, Executive Producer, Kerrie Hayes Productions

33 Creative was responsible for producing the best National NAIDOC Awards in the event’s history. All elements in the room which were delivered to the highest quality, with creative flair and professionalism.”

John Paul Janke, National NAIDOC Committee Co-Chair