Tag: Megan Wilding

The brief

Take Blaktion is a sexual health campaign to enhance screening and testing within the community, a partnership between NSW Health and Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW.

The campaign utilises community ambassadors in a series of comedic skits to destigmatise and enhance engagement on various sexual health topics. Content is short and playful, engaging users on social media, enhanced through paid placement and boosted content.

The approach

33 Creative have led the content development across the campaign since its inception, updating the creative annually to ensure videos are fresh and evolving for the audience.

We undertake script workshops with all ambassadors to ensure the content is a collaborative creative approach and brings together some of the best black comedy minds!

Partnering with comedy partners enables the content to be fun and vibrant and engaging in a really authentic way.

Key ambassadors that have participated in the campaign include:

  • Andy Saunders
  • Megan Wilding
  • Carly Wallace
  • Steven Oliver
  • Dale Woodbridge
  • Bjorn Stewart
  • Dalara Williams
  • Sean Choolburra

The impact

We are proud to be working in partnership with the community to enhance awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and pleased to see the digital engagement continue to grow.