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The brief

Foxtel Group approached 33 Creative to work on the development and design of their sixth Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), titled ‘Innovate’, which was successfully implemented for the period of July 2021 – June 2023.

A significant part of the project brief saw 33 Creative engage a First Nations artist to create a bespoke artwork that would reflect the continuance of Foxtel’s RAP journey, as well as align with the organisation’s brand colours.

The process of developing and designing Foxtel Group’s RAP was extensive and involved end-to-end project management, onboarding and workshopping, a thorough development of the artist’s brief, engaging potential artists, and assisting with the print process which was contracted to an Indigenous print organisation upon 33 Creative’s recommendation.

The artwork

33 Creative commissioned artist, Josh Sly, a Biripi, Worimi, Wiradjuri man, to create an original artwork that tells the story of the Foxtel Group, including the group’s brands: Foxtel, Kayo, Binge, Fox Sport and Fox Media, as they all come together and unite on the RAP journey.

The artwork was received warmly and embraced by the organisation. Additionally, it is being used in broadcast acknowledgments, reaching a wide audience of up to 4 million Australians each day.

‘Walking Together’, 2022 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Josh tells the story of the artwork in his own words:

“Walking Together highlights the Foxtel Group’s commitment to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for reconciliation. The concentric circle in the middle with the ‘U’ shapes surrounding it, is a traditional symbol representing a campsite, meeting place, sacred site or community. For this artwork, the meeting place is representative of the Foxtel Group. The chosen colours connect with our businesses: Foxtel, Kayo, BINGE, Fox Sports and Foxtel Media. The significance of a circle is that everyone is welcome, everyone has a place, and everyone is treated equally. The handprints symbolise teamwork, working hand in hand, and also individuality as no one’s handprint is the same. The footprints are a reminder of the journey and commitment of walking together in the hope of true reconciliation. The four orange patterns and lines in the background symbolise the flow of energy and connection – our connection to each other, connection to experience and our connection to mother earth.”

– Josh Sly

The RAP team at Foxtel engaged with the project and process wholeheartedly, trusting the team at 33 Creative to deliver a memorable project with storytelling at the heart of the creative process as well as the RAP’s design outcome.

The RAP was printed using PEFC accredited stock and distributed to all of Foxtel’s employees home addresses, reflecting the group’s integrative approach in committing to its objectives.