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The brief

Cancer Australia engaged 33 Creative to support the launch of Our Mob and Cancer, with resources development and copywriting, electronic newsletter distribution and media and stakeholder engagement around the launch.

Our Mob and Cancer is a website that provides culturally appropriate cancer information, resources and guidance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people impacted by cancer.

To support co-design of the site from its earliest development, Cancer Australia brought together an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Expert Reference Group to provide expert advice and guidance on all stages of the website development and release.

Our Mob and Cancer Posters

Creative approach

We wanted to create a suite of resources that could be shared online, distributed in health clinics or shared through health stakeholder networks. We developed posters, social tiles, digital newsletters, and a stakeholder toolkit to support the launch of Our Mob and Cancer.

The resources feature artwork by Riki Salam, an artist and graphic designer and the digital designer of the Our Mob and Cancer website. Born and raised in Cairns on Yidindji land, Riki has connections to Muralag, Kala Lagaw Ya, Meriam Mer, Kuku Yalanji peoples on his father’s side and the Ngai Tahu people in the South Island of NZ on his mother’s side.

As of early 2023, community resources for Our Mob and Cancer have been rolled out and we look forward to seeing the continued growth of this important project!

Our Mob and Cancer feature artwork by Riki Salam Our Mob and Cancer social tiles