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Purrumpa – 31 October to 4 November 2022

33 Creative partnered with Australia Council for the Arts to deliver Purrumpa, a national gathering and celebration of First Nations Arts and Culture that was held over five days on Kaurna Yerta at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The historic occasion marked the largest national gathering of First Nations Arts and Culture, convened by the Australia Council, in 50 years.

Purrumpa was an important moment to come together to continue conversations about First Nations peoples’ self-determination, development, and priorities for national advocacy.

The Hon Linda Burney MP
Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Linda Burney MP addressed the delegates on the first morning of the summit.
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The Artwork

The Purrumpa logo and design was created by Ngarrindjeri Artist and Graphic Designer Jordan Lovegrove. Jordan worked closely with the Australia Council to develop the creative to represent the momentus arts gathering occasion.

Purrumpa logo and design by Jordan Lovegrove

The program

Each day delegates were Welcomed to Country. We were honoured to have Uncle Moogy Sumner, Ashum Owen, Uncle Michael O’Brien, Katrina Karlapina Power, Uncle Tamaru and Rosalind Coleman all performing their sacred roles for the Summit.

Keynote speakers included Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt, Uncle Bob Weatherall, Franchesca Cubillo, Craig Ritchie, Marcia Langton, Tiriki Onus, Damien Shen, Polly Sumner and Dana Shen, Teela Reid and Glenn Iseger Pilkington.

Discussions occurred simultaneously through five rooms each day, and were guided by daily themes of respectful engagement and deep listening, legacy, here and now, defining the future and forward thinking.

Purrumpa Program

Gala Dinner

The five day summit of deep listening, respectful conversations and momentous celebration of First Nations arts and culture community culminated in a Gala Dinner for 400 guests. The wonderful Katrina Karlapina Power gave the Welcome to Country, MCs Kevin Kropinyeri and Elaine Crombie hosted our evening, and performances by MarlonXRulla, DJ MoZzi, Katie Aspel, Dusty Feet Mob and Tilly Tjala Thomas kept us entertained.

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