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John Paul Janke urges mob to screen regularly for bowel cancer

After turning 50, Wuthathi and Meriam man from Far North Queensland, John Paul Janke, did his first bowel cancer screening test using the free mailing kit sent to his home.

Having completed the test a couple of times since then, he is encouraging all mob over 50 to complete the simple screening test that can save your life.

“As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we need to have important conversations about our health,” says John Paul.

John Paul Janke urges mob to screen regularly for bowel cancer

“Bowel screening is something that is simple, free and easy to do. We need to encourage our brothers and sisters to participate, there’s absolutely no shame in looking after your health and wellbeing.”

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but with regular screening and if found early, nearly all bowel cancers can be successfully treated.

“There is no shame in doing the test and looking after yourself and your family,” says John Paul in the podcast. As a father of four boys, his health is an important part of being there for his family.

“As a Dad I want to be around for my family for years to come, to see my boys grow up and become young men. The test is simple, free and easy, and the outcome is huge – it can save your life,” says John Paul.

John Paul encourages people to have a yarn with their health professional if they have any concerns about bowel cancer screening and how to do the screening test.

“There is no time like the present. If you’re 50 or over, have a yarn to your local AMS or healthcare provider about doing the test, get on top of it early,” says John Paul.

All Australian’s aged 50-74 will receive the self-screening kit in the mail every two years. Replacement kits can be ordered through GPs or health clinics, or by calling the National Cancer Screening Register on 1800 627 701.

“There is no shame you mob – screen for bowel cancer today, you won’t regret it,” says John Paul.

John Paul Janke is host of NITV’s flagship program The Point, Presenter of ABC Radio Canberra and also contributes occasionally to The Project on Network Ten.

For more information about the benefits of bowel cancer screening visit www.indigenousbowelscreen.com.au.