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Digital information hub for health workers and communities

On behalf of Cancer Institute NSW, 33 Creative worked with Aboriginal health organisations, workers and community members, as well as the wonderful Danika at Neat Copy, to develop a new Helping Mob Live Healthy and Prevent Cancer toolkit.

Cancer Institute NSW digital information hub

33 Creative used their strong community connections to recruit and facilitate consultations with Aboriginal Health Workers and the community, in order to gain insight into the community knowledge and needs of the resources to be developed.

Cancer Institute NSW were open to early conversations to ensure that their approach to developing resources was as effective as possible, ensuring Aboriginal Health Workers and the community were informed, equipped and supported in navigating cancer prevention, screening and treatment for Aboriginal communities in NSW. Cancer Institute NSW later looped back with a second round of consultations to test the draft resources, based off the findings of the first consultations. This early and continuing dialogue is vital in creating resources that are of effective use and interest to target audiences.

We thank all consultation participants for their input in creating useful resources to support services for mob.

Visit the website to view the toolkit, share it with family and friends so that its availability is known. Together, we can help find, treat and prevent cancer in our communities ensuring our mob lead Healthy Lives.