NASCA Communications Strategy

NASCA is a programs-based youth development organisation that empowers young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be proud, strong and successful. For more than 25 years, NASCA have worked with over 12,000 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Having undergone significant recent internal and external changes, NASCA engaged 33 Creative to assist them in reviewing their strategic communications activities across the organisation.

Our role in this project saw us utilise our expertise as an Aboriginal communications agency to facilitate workshops with key members of the NASCA national team. We conducted a full review of all communications activities and messaging to ensure these reflected the organisation’s overall strategy, growth and ability to adapt to the current social landscape.

This process involved 33 Creative developing a communications framework which provided clarity and conviction around who NASCA are at their core, what they do, why culture is such an integral part of the organisation, and what their brand application looks like going forward.

We recommended a new tagline, key priorities and looked at NASCA’s primary audience groups, segmenting their specific needs across messaging, products, and channels, to allow for a bespoke approach into audience reach and community engagement.

The framework developed serves as the beginning of a refined communications strategy which is in the initial stages of its rollout. We’re excited to see the new brand logo featuring the new tagline Culture, Education, Community!