Jonathan Jeffrey

Production Coordinator

Jonathan is a Larakia man who grew up Darwin in the Northern Territory with his big mob of six siblings and parents Kim and Russell. From a young age Jonathan developed a passion for performance and dance.

As well as being a performing arts student with a Diploma in Dance, Music and Theatre, Jonathan has worked in the arts industry in both performance and administrative roles.

Jonathan joined the 33 Creative team in 2017 as our Production Coordinator, a role that involves plenty of logistical management around events and media production, as well as keeping the office running smoothly from day-to-day. Jonathan tells the saga of his journey to 33 Creative like this:

“I had unfinished business with the team because my time was cut short at Deadly Vibe Group, so it didn’t take much motivation. The offer came up, I took it, then BAM, I’m here sis! 33 Creative has never been the same!”

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

Jonathan also has a Cert III/Cert IV in Fitness which makes him our in-house fitness role model. In his spare time Jonathan enjoys writing poetry, meal prepping, and hanging with my friends and binge viewing reality TV.