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Get Training with Sydney Trains

In 2023, we partnered with Sydney Trains to produce several interactive training videos for new staff.

The videos were aimed at educating staff on positive communication with customers by filming possible scenarios between staff and customers where end users were presented with choices on how to respond to each situation. Each of the videos followed several possible tangents which alternated dependant on choices made at certain points of the video.

Male Transport Officer talking with female customer

One of the videos was shot in a first-person perspective with the use of a go-pro fixed to talent. We also filmed a three minute vox pop video featuring customers that we interviewed at three locations across Sydney.

We helped inform the creative approach and the logistics for all shoots, as well as providing shot-list and storyboard planning. Our inhouse production team shot all videos for the project and directed all videos in partnership with Sydney Trains.

Editing involved the inhouse creation of graphics and sound design/sound effects to aid the narrative and provide the videos with a humorous and playful tone.

Female Sydney Trains employee, talking with male customer Female Sydney Trains employee, talking with female customer