Media for Indigenous artists at FOPA

2016 Festival of Pacific Arts media call


The Federal Government’s Department of Communications and the Arts contracted 33 Creative to secure and manage publicity for the delegation of Indigenous artists representing Australia at the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts, held in Guam.

Our brief was to generate high-quality media coverage of approximately 60 Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists (13 groups) with a focus on Indigenous media.


In order to streamline and manage the publicity and pitches for such a large and diverse group, our team developed a customised ‘pitch’ strategy for events and stories from before, during and after the Festival.

This resulted in significant coverage in a range of publications (traditional newspapers and online) that included national, Indigenous, suburban, regional, rural and remote. We also secured strong Indigenous radio and television coverage.

Our team also managed a media call to publicise the departure of the FOPA delegation, resulting in strong coverage including on NITV.