Launching Indigenous Business Month

Indigenous Business Month launch


In 2015, 33 Creative partnered with Melbourne Business School and alumni of its MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass program to launch the inaugural National Indigenous Business Month – a national campaign and series of events which:

– celebrates Indigenous business
– raises awareness about the diversity, breadth and depth of Indigenous businesses nationally
– gives Indigenous business a coherent voice to contribute to the national conversation
– creates networking opportunities

The goal of Indigenous Business Month is to showcase success stories to inspire a new generation of Indigenous entrepreneurs as well as dismantle stereotypes about working with Indigenous businesses.

We believe that business entrepreneurs are a positive role model alternative for young Indigenous Australians. As program director Associate Professor Michelle Evans says, ‘We want kids to see that their future lies not just in arts and sport. Business also requires creativity and provides a path to community growth and individual aspirations.’


As co-founder, 33 Creative is the main driver behind this initiative and project manages the MURRA alumni as a team.

The month starts with a launch breakfast at Sydney’s Customs House which in the past two years has been attended by more than 100 members of the local Indigenous business community. It features a panel discussion, which has included Monica Barone (CEO, City of Sydney), Jason Eades (CEO, PwC Indigenous Consulting), Owen Walsh (Business student, University UNSW) and Associate Professor Dr Michelle Evans (Co-Founder, MURRA program).

Other features of the month envisaged, produced and executed by the 33 Creative team are:

– National communications and marketing campaign
– A series of events across Australia (4 in 2015, 6 in 2016) that showcase Indigenous businesses, educate those in procurement roles on the range and benefits of working with the sector, create networking opportunities for Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs, and encourage young Indigenous people to think of developing business as a career option
– National stakeholder engagement for sponsorship
– Sydney stakeholder engagement for events and campaigns