Online safety campaign


33 Creative was engaged to produce materials to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component of the National Online Safety Awareness campaign, a key federal government initiative in conjunction with the eSafety Commissioner. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are active online users. As at last Census (2016) nearly three quarters (72%) of Indigenous households nationally were accessing the internet. Issues of online safety and cyberbullying are key to growing up in a digital age. 

The campaign aims to support parents, carers and educators with tools tips and resources to Start the Chat about online safety issues. 


The research identified that there is shame and stigma associated among parent groups not knowing how to deal with online safety issues, and low levels of awareness about where to go for help. 

Our approach was to feature our mob as the storytellers, to break down stigma and show communities that many parents are facing the same challenges. Using real families as talent in the case studies proved highly effective in engaging our target group on the issue. 

Our team worked closely with the national mainstream campaign to embed culturally affective and engaging messages in the production of all campaign assets. ‘Keep our Mob Safe Online’ supported the overarching messages and encouraged our communities to learn more about issues of online safety.

We produced:

  • two radio advertisements
  • 16pp ‘Keep our Mob Safe Online’ information booklet
  • campaign poster
  • information packs for stakeholders
  • video case studies
  • podcast featuring remote community voices
  • social media story assets

We also developed and implemented targeted media, digital and social strategies to support the campaign activation and undertook targeted community and stakeholder engagement throughout the rollout.  Engagement across all elements of the campaign was high and generated significant organic social and digital media