Campaign to end violence against women


‘Stop it at the Start’ is a three-year Council of Australian Governments’ initiative led by the Federal Government’s Department of Social Services that focuses on stopping violence against women where it begins.

The campaign aims to bring together families and communities to positively influence young people’s attitudes towards respectful relationships and gender equality. Based on in-depth research that found adults often dismiss or ignore disrespectful attitudes and behaviours towards women and girls without realising it, the campaign encourages people to think about the impact of what they say and do, and start conversations about respect with boys and girls.

33 Creative was contracted to deliver the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component of the ‘Stop it at Start’ campaign, which forms part of the country’s National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010—2022, to reduce domestic and family violence and sexual assault.


Our team developed and implemented a detailed strategy to communicate key messages to our audience through radio, press and digital advertising.

We produced a range of relevant and culturally appropriate materials and resources, including ambassador stories, visual storybooks, posters, postcards, case studies, fact and information sheets and pamphlets.

The campaign also featured unique resources including a conversation guide, excuse interpreter, and respect checklist.

Our team fully produced two video case studies, and executed their distribution and reach into relevant communities.

This campaign launched in April 2016 and is ongoing.