Research into Indigenous insurance and risk

Inside Policy / IAG insurance research


For the first time in Australia, the level of risk exposure and insurance coverage among Indigenous communities has been mapped by the nation’s largest general insurance company, Insurance Australia Group.

The groundbreaking project, ‘Protecting our First Australians: Report into the levels of risk exposure and insurance coverage in Australia’s Indigenous Communities’, seeks to better understand how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders keep their communities safe.

IAG commissioned Inside Policy, a leading and respected strategic policy advisory firm to undertake the study. Inside Policy then sought 33 Creative’s assistance to boost participation in the research project among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


33 Creative developed and implemented a communications strategy, engagement plan and publicity materials in order to maximise the roll out of a national survey and series of consultations.

This included stakeholder engagement, media engagement and developing and disseminating newsletters and digital resources through our networks and to Indigenous organisations and communities.

Our team also arranged and undertook a number of the consultations with key community organisations and fed back into the report.