Hep C awareness campaign

Hep C Awareness Week campaign, AH&MRC (Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council


As part of Hep C Awareness Week, AH&MRC wanted to spread the message about new and positive developments in the treatment of Hepatitis C and encourage people to seek treatment.

With evidence that Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) could cure people living with the condition, it was more important than ever to overcome fatalistic assumptions about Hep C and resistance to seeking medical help.


Our job was to put together a publicity campaign and materials that would communicate the newly positive outlooks in treatment, and encourage people to get tested to benefit from early intervention if necessary.

We developed illustrations and case studies that would communicate these messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, especially at-risk groups such as people who inject drugs. We managed distribution of the message through a public relations campaign and social media.