Maryann Weston

    Maryann Weston has an extensive background in media and Government, coupled with strong writing experience and expertise. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and a Diploma of Community Services.

    She has a history in communications and teaching and, more recently, worked on major policy initiatives for the Australian Government in agricultural and rural structural adjustment and welfare. She was the project leader for several high profile program reviews while in Government, managing the Secretariat and authoring final reporting and recommendations to the Australian Government.

    Working in the Australian Government for seven years, Maryann specialised in communicating new policy initiatives and, later, developing, implementing, administering and evaluating policy and programs. Prior to her Government work, Maryann was an award-winning editor and journalist with Fairfax Media, having spent some 15 years in newspapers beginning as a graduate cadet journalist and working her way up in the newsroom to editor.

    Maryann’s experience includes communication strategy writing and production of communications tools for Government, developing policy initiatives, program monitoring and evaluations, and research and analysis. While in Government, Maryann used her teaching experience to train not-for-profit community groups in new Government initiatives.

    Maryann brings to the table her knowledge of Government policy and program management and her strong writing abilities. Over the years she has written Ministerial speeches, policy reports and recommendations to Government, and is skilled in writing creative collateral for Government campaigns having worked on Gavin Jones Communications contracts from 2010-2014.

    Maryann has worked on a number of conferences delivered by Gavin Jones Communications in content and agenda production, sourcing and co-ordinating guest speakers, communication strategies and delivery, conference program and ‘papers’, and roll out and delivery of the best practice guides which followed from each conference. She also surveyed delegates and produced an evaluation of the conferences which covered content, relevancy to workplace, conference production and organisation and the meeting of delegate’s needs.

    She has a number of NSW Country Press awards for writing and community engagement. Working also as a journalist with Deadly Vibe® and InVibe magazines, Maryann has developed a strong network across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She has also worked in regional development with small businesses and industry, as well as rolling out training and research projects, and will complete her Bachelor of Social Sciences this year.