The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) and Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation will commence moving to a historical Aboriginal landmark space at 27 Cope Street, Redfern from Friday 2 November 2018.

The new office location holds deep cultural, social and political significance for the local community, being the site of the first Black Theatre in Australia. AES and Tribal Warrior are looking forward to co-locating to their new offices and providing a vibrant meeting place that will help them to continue to offer a range of support services to the community.

“Moving our main office to the Black Theatre building in Redfern is about being part of an Aboriginal community where we can have regular, informal conversations about working together to do more great things for the communities we serve,” says Kristy Masella, CEO of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy.

Shane Phillips, CEO of Tribal Warrior, is also excited about the move.

“The move will bring all our team together in one location and strengthen what we have been building in the community and organisation over the last 20 years.”

In addition to employment and mentoring opportunities, co-locating will combine AES and Tribal Warrior’s strengths and resources, which will bring many benefits to the local Aboriginal people and businesses.

“The move is about empowerment of our mob, leveraging off each other’s strengths,” says Kristy. “I also see our collaboration as a celebration of Aboriginal success, and our desire for self-determination.”

“Community is all about family, real values and strength. The co-location will gives us a vehicle to share the resources and have the impact we want to have,” says Shane Phillips CEO of Tribal Warrior.

The new location is also an opportunity for AES and Tribal Warrior to collaborate and showcase other Indigenous Businesses and be commercially sustainable.

“I actually grew up in this building as a young kid, my parents ran a soup kitchen in the Youth Club located there as well,” said Shane. “It was all about empowerment. How can we sustain ourselves and that’s one of the reason we said to ourselves let’s do it this way.”

AES and Tribal Warrior look forward to working together, bringing a combined 40 years of experience and capability to the community.

“The services and programs we both run truly complement each year, but we are also keen to look at new ways we can work in partnership and we are excited about what we will achieve together for our communities,” said Kristy.


The Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) is a national Aboriginal recruitment and group training company that empowers Indigenous people through brokering employment opportunities and supporting candidates to have successful careers through mentoring, coaching, training and specialist support.
Over the last 20 years, AES has led a transformative, social and economic movement that has been highly successful in changing the narratives in our communities to one of excellence, opportunity, partnerships and deadliness!


Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation

The Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. What began as a small maritime training organisation has grown into a thriving Indigenous tourism and cultural education company.

Tribal Warrior also plays an important role in supporting the local community through its mentoring programs; Clean Slate Without Prejudice and Never Going Back.


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Image Credits: Andrew Rosenfeldt