Meet the multi-talent Sally Scales, who at just 28 is the Deputy Chair of the APY Lands Executive Board (and that’s just the start of it!) – International Women’s Day, 2018

1.Where are you from?

Pipalyatjara in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands

2.What do you do?

I’m the Deputy Chair of the APY Lands Executive Board. I’m also the Chair of Ananguku Wiru Palyatjaku which specialises in Cultural awareness training and interpreting and translation services. And… I am the Skill Hire’s Remote School Attendance Strategy Liaison Officer for Pipalyatjara . I also work with the APY Art Centre Collective.

3.What is one of the best decisions you have made?

Nominating for the APY executive board.

4.What is one of the worst decisions you have made?

I don’t think I have worst decisions. I’ve learnt a lot of things from all the decisions I’ve made good or bad. Just give it a go and learn.

5.What are some of the barriers to female leadership?

People using your gender against you. Or saying as women, we are less, or weak or can’t do it.

6.This year’s NAIDOC theme is “Because of Her, We Can” – what do you think about this theme? And what women have inspired you?

Finally!! What an amazing theme. I’m all for celebrating the beautiful amazing women in our communities, Australia and worldwide.

I was lucky to have an amazing phenomenal mother, Josephine Mick and for my formative years my mum was Chair of NPY Women’s Council. So, I got to see endless women fighting for our rights for our people. The women from my upbringing showed me how to move and speak with multiple agencies while maintaining culture.

But to name a few…… Mrs N Ward fighting for Aged and Disabled people and for Opal Fuels (non sniffable). Mrs Ward also had a wicked sense of humour and was so giving.

Sarah Brown and the Western Desert Dialysis’s team. The Purple House does so much to help our families that have been impacted by renal failure.

The Tjala Arts Ladies and in particular my grandmother Wawiriya Burton. The ladies donated a beautiful painting to raise money for a Purple House in Ernabella. All together the APY Arts Collective raised over $150,000 for a renal  house. It was a massive showing of, we can do this!, after hearing no from government time and time again. The ladies are also super stars with their art, as are all the other amazing artists from the region.

The other ladies on the APY Executive Board are simply amazing and to have their support is incredible.

Lastly my mum for everything. I know I get my wit and sass from her. Haha

7.What advice would you give to empower the next generation of women?

Have a go and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

8.What do you think about this year’s theme of #PressForProgress?

To highlight progress from women is needed and we need to do it more often.

9.What exciting project do you have coming up?

On the 23rd of March is the opening of the APY Art Gallery in Sydney. It will be incredible night for all involved. The APY Gallery has been in the works for years, so to see it happen is amazing.

10.Do you have a website or any social media platforms you would like us to include?

APY Art Centre Collective

Tjala Arts

Purple House