Meet Natalie Walker, Founder & Managing Director of Inside Policy

Natalie has over 16 years experience working in and with the corporate, small business, government and not-for-profit sectors on various social and economic policy.

Her previous roles include:

  • founding CEO of Supply Nation
  • project manager in KPMG’s Health & Human Services Practice
  • advisor to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • various policy and program management roles in Queensland Government Department of Communities.

Natalie also like to work from the beach when possible, names New York as one of her favourite cities and loves to analyse data for fun!

33 Creative spoke with Natalie and here is what she had to say:

Where are you from?

I am Kuku Yalanji; my traditional lands are the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland. I grew up in Port Douglas. I live in Sydney.

What do you do?

I am an entrepreneur. My latest project is Inside Policy, a strategic advisory firm which helps solve complex social and economic policy problems.

What is one of the best decisions you have made?

Not waiting til I thought I was 100% ready to make my next move I my professional and personal lives.

What is one of the worst decisions you have made?

Hiring the wrong people for the wrong roles. Bad recruitment decisions are costly for business both financially and culturally.

What are some of the barriers to female leadership?

Being taken seriously. First, as women we have to project to others that we should be taken seriously. Second, sometimes despite our best efforts to be taken seriously, an unconscious bias exists in boardrooms and workplaces that men’s opinions are more valid than women’s.

What women have inspired you?

Leah Armstrong, Stephanie Gilmore, Dambisa Moyo, Serena Williams, Lisa Messenger – all women who are fearless in pursuing their dreams.

What advice would you give to empower the next generation of women?

If you want to achieve your dreams, change the world and be an influencer, don’t be cute. Cute gets people to like you but you won’t be taken seriously enough to be considered for more challenging roles / projects / ventures. Be brave, bold, competent and have evidence-based opinions that you stand up for. Support the dreams of the women around you. Finally – use this very sparingly – always keep a little bit of your mongrel in you.

What would you say to men about equality?

Next time you witness a female colleague being overlooked in the workplace, think about how you would feel if that she was your Mum, your sister, your daughter, your granddaughter. Then turn that feeling into action – create a space for her opinion to be heard. For her to be considered for the next promotion. Manage up her strengths to the higher powers. And show her you support her advancement.

What exciting project do you have coming up?

Invest for Good: An Impact Investing Speaking Tour with Amb. John Simon (ret.), Founder of Total Impact Capital. Being held in Sydney and Canberra from 23-27 March. The purpose of the tour is to amplify Australia’s efforts in investing for a social and financial return.

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